I usually work with large circular millsaw blades, which are made of carbon steel (nominally type L6) and have a hardness of about RC40. I cut the sawblades into sections and anneal them before further work. I hollow grind the blade bevels by hand (no jigs used) on a belt sander using either a 10" (250mm) or 14" (350mm) contact wheel.

        My knives are made in one of three ways - tapered or untapered full tang ;   inletted tang and hidden or stick tang (mainly used with stag handles).

       I do my own heat treating, i.e hardening and double tempering. Final Rockwell "C" hardness of the blades is determined using a small portable hardness tester, with the test leaving a small dimple on the blade. Shown at right is the hardness tester being calibrated with a reference sample. Hardness readings quoted for my knives should be within about +/- 1 point of the true value.

       I usually fit the knives with brass guards, which are soldered on using silver-bearing lead-free solder.

        All knives shown on this site, unless noted (e.g. chef's knives), are supplied with an individually fitted leather sheath made from 3.2mm - 3.8mm thick leather, which I also make. They are of a deep pouch design, with most of the knife contained within the sheath as shown at right.

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