I made my first knife in 1978-1979 as a 15 year old schoolboy. That first effort is no longer around but the second one I made, from an annealed car's leaf spring with apricot handle, is shown below. This might serve as inspiration to any budding knifemakers out there in that you don't necessarily need power tools, but you do have to be prepared to put in time and effort.

Made in 1980 entirely with hand tools (files, hacksaw, hand drill, vice and sandpaper) and heat treated at the local foundry.

        Over the years I made a few knives as a hobby while working as a research chemist, but only took up knifemaking in a more serious way in 1999. For a few years from about 2009 I was offering them through shops under the "Zedteq" brand, and over that time I made several hundred. Unfortunately due to lack of demand I have recently decided to take an extended break from knifemaking.

One of my late model "Zedteqs". The designs have been refined a bit since then.

        I am a moderately active hunter so get to test my own knives in the field. Some of my other interests include motorcycle trail riding (especially in the Taranaki back country) , vegetable gardening and current events.

Trailriding - about to descend into the Moeawatea Valley.

Trailriding - the view from Kapara trig, upper Waitotara valley. Red arrows point to the track.

Trailriding - approach to the old bridge over a side stream leading to the Moeawatea River.

Trailriding - another view of the old bridge taken from the new concrete ford.

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